Time to Restore Service

Time to Restore Service is how long it takes a service to recover from a failure in production. Most uptime monitoring services have webhook functionality which allows you to send Outage and Restore API requests to a service like GitView. You can have all repositories share the same Outage and Restore tags or configure them individually.

How to configure

  1. Click into the Repo settings, which is under Organization Settings (Bottom left corner of the dashboard)
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  1. Select the specific repository you want to configure
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  1. Set the tag names in the repository’s settings
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  1. Begin sending data to the API via the custom data endpoint with your specific tag
curl -X POST "http://app.gitview.com/custom_data_points" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "api_key": "<your uuid key here>", "tag": "outage", }'