Jira Integration

After high demand, GitView officially supports integration with Jira 🎉


  • Jira project data is available within your private GitView database for querying and building robust reports. Check out the projects, issues, issue_events, issue_fields, issue_fields_descriptions, and issue_labels data tables after linking your Jira account to get started. Here are a couple sample queries
    • Issue Story Points Moved To Done Per Week

      SELECT date_trunc('week', issues.external_closed_at) as Week, SUM(issue_fields.value_decimal) FROM issues INNER JOIN issue_fields ON issue_fields.issue_id=issues.id where issues.external_closed_at > date_trunc('month', current_date - interval '12' month) AND issue_fields.external_id IN ( select external_id from issue_fields_descriptions where name = 'Story Points' ) GROUP BY Week

      Issues Created Last 12 Months Grouped By Creator

      SELECT date_trunc('month', external_created_at) as Month, contributor_parents.name AS Name, COUNT(issues) FROM issues INNER JOIN contributors ON issues.contributor_id=contributors.id INNER JOIN contributor_parents ON contributor_parents.id=contributors.contributor_parent_id where external_created_at > date_trunc('month', current_date - interval '6' month) and provider='jira' GROUP BY Month, contributor_parents.id
  • Jira issue activity including issue creation, issue edits, and issue comments are now visible in the Activity Feed within GitView. If you need other events enabled for your activity feed just let us know at support@gitview.com and we can turn them on.
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