Impact Score

Impact score is a robust code productivity algorithm that goes far beyond simply counting lines of code. At a per-repository level, it is automatically and intelligently configured to your specific programming language and framework.
While the full details of the Impact Score formula are proprietary, it takes into account the following:
  • Ignores auto-generated code
  • Ignores identical code copied from previous code changes.
  • Properly weights and accounts for simple refactors and variable renames
  • Code additions and removals are weighted differently depending on where the code change was made and how frequently changes to a specific area of the codebase were made

Ignoring Certain Lines of Code

If you’d like to customize which lines of code or which file types are ignored for the impact score, you can do so in the settings for a specific repository.
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Warning: Updating these settings will re-ingest all data for your repository which may take 1-4 hours depending on the repository size.

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